Keeping manufacturing in Derbyshire

I keep being told that people will buy our SwearPig but the product needs to be cheaper!

With the UK manufacturing getting smaller and smaller, I thought it would be a great idea to try to keep some manufacturing in the UK and indeed Derbyshire. I may not add very much to the GDP of the UK by doing this but imagine if all manufacturers did do it!

I recently had a meeting with a local potter near to Belper, Derbyshire where I live. I had been speaking to some large pottery manufacturers in Stoke on Trent but wanted to try potters nearer to home.

And guess what?
He can make the SwearPig cheaper than a large manufacturer in Stoke n Trent! Yay for persistence! 🙂

In essence, the potter can’t do substantial numbers BUT I can at least get the ball rolling with a few bespoke designs. In that way I can tell if there is actually a market for SwearPig.

(Let’s hope so!)SP-MR-3GoodPigs1


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